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Thread: What do you want for Christmas?

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    What do you want for Christmas?

    yeah thats right santa is here at AO and he wants to know what all you good little boys and girls want for Christmas.

    I was thinking I wanted

    Battle Feild 2 CD
    Matrix Online with recharge time
    Glock 19 with bullets (Wooo Hoo)
    The special cds made by HP that you can burn an image on it with your CD-Burner
    Snow Tires for my Ford F150 Truck
    A better paying JOB
    Membership to Golds Gym for one year

    Notice I like expensive stuff (got to get a better Job or send my wife out to get a job)

    What I think im getting

    Chistmas Sucks when you dont have the mula.

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    I just recently bought myself a new AMD! first AMD ever... so that is off the list, now all i wanted was an xbox 360 for my 21st bday ( dec 30th) but my parents said no way... they dont believe in paying 400 bucks for a gaming system so now i dont know what i want
    Git R Dun - Ty
    A tribe is wanted

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    0wN AO !!
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    Let's see...world peace, an end to poverty, economic surplus, full employment for everyone...

    hummmmmmmm...on second thought...

    right now I could really use a coffee and a Krispy Kreme doughnut

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    yeah thats right santa is here at AO and he wants to know what all you good little boys and girls want for Christmas
    Well that counts me out, cause obviously i'm not a little boy.
    And i guess that it also counts the spazilist out to, cause he's been to naughty..
    {From what i read in addicts that is.. }


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    Song for Christmas

    Kevin Bloody Wilson

    (Sing in a nasal Oz accent)

    Hey Santa claus you ****!

    Where's me ****ing bike?

    I've unwrapped all this other junk and there's nothing that I like.

    I wrote you a ****ing letter and I come to see you twice

    Ya worn out geriatric fart, you forgot me ****ing bike.

    If I wanted a pair of bloody thongs, I'd have bloody asked.

    And this cowboy suit and ping pong set you can shove right up your arse!

    You've stuffed me bloody order up

    It's enough to make you spew

    And I'm not the only one who's snakey

    Me sisters dirty too!

    (female voice)
    Hey santa clause you ****!

    Where's me ****ing pram?

    You promised me you'd bring me one, you remember who I am.

    'Cause I'm the little girl who you made sit right on your hand

    I'll give you ****ing ho ho ho

    You forgot me ****ing pram

    (male voice)
    Next time I come to see ya, I'm gonna punch you in the guts

    And I'll let your ****ing reihndeer go and kick Rudolf in the nuts!

    You just wait 'till next year, when you go to that store

    And me and me little sister, come stomping through the door

    And we'll say, yeah you wait for it

    Hey mums and dads you smell his breath and check his bloodshot eyes

    And don't listen to him boys and girls 'cause he tells ****ing lies

    He's just a piss tank and a pervert, and he's not even very bright

    'Cause the old ****ing wanker Forgot me ****ing bike.

    You wait you old ****, I'm gonna dob you in


    Tell me old man on you, he's gonna punch your ****ing lights out

    "I saw mummy sucking santa clause"

    I'm getting a Diesel watch for Xmas. Too poor to ask for a Tag + some cash for a wireless network or a new bicycle (Specialized Allez probably).

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    I want a Tablet PC!!!
    Difficult takes a day, Impossible takes a week~Kthln01!

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    Hey Hey,

    Aspman: Sure sure... steal a song from Bowser and Blue (Canadian Comedy Legends) and don't even give props..

    As for me... I just want to go home for Christmas... in fact I've asked anyone thinking of giving me anything to just give me money towards a ticket home...

    I laugh at the commercialization of the season... Riots of tickleme Elmos way back when.. now we've got riots over XBox 360s... I've seen them on ebay for $10,000+ all because some greedy rich kid as to have one... It's sad and pathetic... It's also depressing... there was an article about an 11 year old girl who for Christmas wants a cell phone and an ipod and this and that... all my Christmas gifts combined wouldn't buy me an iPod.... Even my little sister... my mom had gotten her a really nice digital camera... told my sister she was't getting the cell phone she asked for.... she kicked and screamed.. so now she's 12 years old and getting a cell phone.. What is with kids and wanting to grow up so fast and miss their childhood... When I was 12 I wanted a telescope so I could look at the stars and dream about being there... I wanted the latest He-man and G.I. Joe Characters.. Now kids are getting things that I have to spend an entire year saving for to afford...

    To those of you with kids... I put this forward to you... Don't give in to them.. Don't help them grow up to quickly.... If they want a cell phone... get them a plastic cell phone filled with candy... if they want an ipod buy them a $30 64MB mp3 player... Get them a telescope and a book about stars... buy them barbie and my little pony... get them a stuffed pikachu... If they want an xbox 360 buy them one of those new learning gaming systems... or better yet.. buy them the clothes they need anyways... or give them a gift certificate for a clothing only store... make them shop for their own clothes when they want something next time...

    To the rest of you... I'm now accepting donations to sponsor my trip home... There's a donate button on my website to donate through paypal... If you just want to go directly it's htregz(at)rogers.com. I'm only asking for a penny from each member... $1.00 if you can spare it... At that rate I just might make it home for the holidays ... oh yeah.. APs for all donors :P heh

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    Well my kids are those spoilt kids you are talking about....thier dad buys them EVERYTHING they ask for...and it drives me insane to the point I now HATE christmas.

    Thier list this year and they are 11 (twins)

    Cell phone

    Plus they just had thier birthday...which they each got
    and a bunch of clothes..

    I bought them skates and some clothes

    I am with Eg...world peace would be nice...

    I am planning one year soon to be on a beach drinking fruity drinks for christmas....and NO KIDS anywhere (mine or anyone elses )

    BAH HUMBUG!!!!

    HT...wheres home???

    How people treat you is their karma- how you react is yours-Wayne Dyer

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    Originally posted here by Egaladeist
    Let's see...world peace, an end to poverty, economic surplus, full employment for everyone...

    Mere reveries, buddy. At least we dare to dream!

    For Christmas? Hmmmm, I want a new girlfriend!
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