1. AVG says I have three viruses all located in the jar file...which I have isolated...all related to an old exploit go to update/microsoft and it says to check to see if I have VM on my Windows 2000 SP cmd says it's not installed so I can't download any updates to a non-existant file... questions...

1a. if I don't have VM then how is it possible I got viruses that exploit VM???

2. is the jar file necessary to the operation of the computer in any way...or can I just delete the whole file???

3. To the best of my knowledge I uninstalled java some time ago...which is why every time I post I get that pop-up saying I need the jar file is a java file and just a left-over edifice can I just delete it...or does it serve a function for the ' normal ' operation of the computer???

Without VM or Java on my computer it's strange how these viruses got onto my machine???