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    I always assumed it used some Active-X control because it only works in IE..
    That's the way I understood it as well. To look at it from the other way that EG~ has, Mozilla and Firefox with Java would not run WU in the past.

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    Sorry, I think you misunderstood. I said Windows Update was annoying about my Vm being out of date and unsafe, not that it wouldn't work. ( and yes, M$ WU uses Active-X. ) It worked, just nagged me to death. That was quite a while ago when they first came out with their version for XP. So I installed it, then turned it off with Sun's JVM console. But I never liked the fact that is was there.

    Also noticed yesterday that Sans has a link to javatester.org , and there it speaks of issues with of JVMs issued from companies other then Sun.

    By the way, the uninstall of M$ VM went smoothly using the manual instructions from the link Black Cluster provided.

    I noticed only two things during the uninstall of M$ VM.

    First, I think Sun mixed up the listed root file systems for the respective OSs.

    Second, when you start the M$ VM uninstall, a box comes up and tells you that IE will no longer be able to download files from the Internet if you continue. That doesn't appear to be quite true.

    And as far as Windows Update: no more complaining or nagging that their version is not installed.
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