Manager leaves for a road trip, and when a laptop-toting user flies into town, this IT manager pilot fish sees an easy solution: He sets up the user at the manager's desk. That puts him near the people he's working with, and avoids the need to set up another network connection.
"Since he needs some special apps, we simply unplug the patch cable from the manager's desktop, plug it into the laptop and the user gets to work," fish says.

A few days later, user is gone, manager returns and nothing is working. At least that's what fish guesses when he sees manager's name on his phone's display while he's on another call.

"I remember that I never reconnected his cable," says fish. "When I'm finished with the business at hand, I call him back. His office assistant picks up, so I figure she must be trying to fix the problem.

"'Hello,' I say. 'Turn to your right and look down. You need to plug the network cable into the jack. The reason he can't connect is that the network cable is unplugged.'

"She's silent for half a second, then says, 'How did you know that?'

"'I know all,' I say. 'It's magic!' -- and move on to the next task."