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Thread: is it possible to route.....

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    Question is it possible to route.....

    Is it possibel to route terminal services traffice from a firewall to another firewall? The reason I ask because is a buddy of mine wants to connect his small network from a T1 that is being shared by four businesses, his being one of the businesses. A T1 is coming into a router, next a sonicwall firewall and from there a switch then four linksys routers each hosting their own network. My buddy has terminal services installed on his Win2K server. He wants to connect to the server remotely. I am guessing he has to use the T1's Public address then the firewall would have to route traffic to his linksys router. Is that possible. Sorry but I am kind new to this. Oh yeh can you change connecting ports for terminal services?

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    He would have to talk to the person administering the firewall to arrange that, but yes, it's possible.

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    No reason why you couldn't.

    As for changing ports, be sure to change the settings on both the sending *and* the receiving end. Otherwise things could get a little too interesting.

    Note, port numbers below 1024 are reserved for specific uses, but above that is pretty much fair game--though it might be wise to choose something that's not used very often.
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    Re: is it possible to route.....

    Originally posted here by mrlucifer
    Oh yeh can you change connecting ports for terminal services?
    How to change Terminal Server's listening port
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