Seat-belt laws are stupid.
How do you figure? Seatbelt laws are like all laws that deal with self inflicted risk/injury (suicide, speeding on an empty road, etc)... It isn't ok for people to inflict additional costs on other people and society at large through laziness. Why should it be ok for you to increase the odds of psychologically traumatizing people that see your dead body flung from your car? Why should everyone's insurance premiums go up? Why should you be able to increase the odds that money will need to be spent on all the police investigation and then all the civil investigation (is the road safe? do we need to add a stop light? etc).
Just because you are feeling lazy or don't agree with the law doesn't give you that right.

That being said wouldn't this type of a thing work better if they had some sort of super computer testing the new fixes as they come out on an uncountable number of system permiataions to make sure that the fix is not going to crash systems, or at least not as many systems?
Good luck developing that system for less than many billions of dollars.