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This just came across Daily Dave for those of you that might be interested... Shrekkie: I'd like you to note that they can converse with you in English and Dutch if you'd like to fly over :P

Immunity has opened up our Unethical Hacking class to the general public. Formerly, we only did it for .gov and .mil, but times have changed and we're now scheduling one for February here in Miami.

Details of the class schedule and price are here:

Details of the class itself are here:

This is a fairly different class from a "hacking 101" class - the first two days are an introduction to writing stack overflows for Windows class, and the last three days are more on "how to build a hacking team and what equipment, procedures, and strategies you'll need and why".
We'll have two instructors, so there will be a lot of personal attention, and we'll be able to speak to you personally in English or Dutch. The class itself, like all Immunity classes, is in English, and will require you to bring your own laptop. If you are not a CANVAS customer, a stripped down version of CANVAS will be provided to you for use during and after the class.

Dave Aitel
Immunity, Inc.
Anyways... if anyone goes, let me know how it is.