Offline installation of Update's.
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Thread: Offline installation of Update's.

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    Offline installation of Update's.


    I found only one thread which mentioned this software (plus one more which I had started but no one replied). I need to install update's for windows (most of them XP) before the go online only software that I found was autopatcher (

    I just want to know the creditablity of this software (I went through the site and found it okay but just for conformation) has anyone used this software and is there an alternative ?
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    What about something like Windows Server Update Services - WSUS?

    I don't know anything about what you have now and exactly what your after but you could create a WSUS server that talks directly to Microsoft Update and downloads the latest patches you can then distribute the patches from that machine.

    From my experience WSUS is very good, and is quite easy to set up and is quite configurable.

    Good resources are:

    Deployment Guide: - Deploying Microsoft Windows Server Update Services.doc
    Reviewers Guide: - WSUSReviewersGuide.doc
    Operations Guide: - WSUSOperationsGuide.doc
    Step by Step Guide: - WSUSStepByStep.doc

    All these should be available on the site above, if you can find them PM me with your email address and I will send them to you

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