I was reading posts in a different forum and someone had mentioned something about seat belt laws. Now i have a pretty strong feeling towards them but i ws wondering what you guys think about them.

Personally I do use my seat belt, and i think that its stupid not to. HOWEVER i feel that the government has absolutly no right to make it a law to have to wear one. The way i see it them telling us that it is illegal to not be safe just should not be done. Thier whole reasoning is to save lifes, and im sure the extra revenue generated from the tickets has nothing to do with it. But if they were really interested in helping to protect people, then why is bungie jumping, parrachutteing, base jumping, those polar bear club people, and a ton of other activities not out lawed? or any of the other sports with extremely high risks.

So thats how i see the seat belt laws, what do you guys think?