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Thread: More NASA Challenges

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    More NASA Challenges

    Remember the Space Elevator...it was the first in a series of challenges brought by NASA...now...they have two more...

    first prize $250,000...feelin' lucky?...

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    The other competition will award funding to teams that build an uncrewed, auto-piloted plane that can follow a complex flight path using only visual cues for navigation. The vehicle must also be able to "extend and retract" a probe that can hit several targets on the ground.
    So, all I need is an 'ex' services, surplus to requirements cruise missile and I'm $250 000 better off ?

    price list for cruise missile $10 000 000 :bugger:
    I KNEW there'd be a catch
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    Hi foxyloxley,

    I think it'll be like the Space Elevator Competition...where they only have to have a working model that goes a few feet in a test


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