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Thread: Problem with wmv

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    Problem with wmv video

    Hi everyone, I have a little problem a friend just give me video cd, that it was supossed to work. I can't see anything, but sound is ok. I have last codecs and everything and I am pretty sure the cd is ok. Can someone help me?

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    what are the specs for your system ?

    have you been able to view video previously ?
    have you tried another CD ?
    have you tried to view ANY other media ?

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    What's the problem? Do you have a problem with wmv or with video-cds or both?

    You cannot see anything? The player's screen stays black? Sounds like you have a problem with overlays.. Check the display-driver settings.. Maybe it's outputting to a tv-out?
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    Imma take a stab in the dark here.

    Do you have Divx or Xvid codecs installed? They don't come by default with WinMediaPlayer (last time I checked), and when you try to view a Divx compressed (encoded?) video, you get sound but no picture.
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    I think zencoder is on the right track here.

    You say you have the latest codecs... but which ones?

    Did your friend encode the VCD or is it a bought one? If your friend encoded it then you can just ask him what codec/software he used and together you should be able to sort it.
    If it was bought then sometimes there is a player on the CD itself. In any case I would definatly recommend installing DivX/Xvid.

    Hope this helps!

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