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Thread: Wee Davie

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    Wee Davie

    From email. Those of you from abroad and who speak the Queens English may struggle with this.

    >Wee Davie from Govan (glasgow) always wanted to look cool.
    >His friend told him that he needed a good designer pair of trainers to go
    >with his shell suit. He paid a visit to his local chapel where Father
    >Anthony advised him to start saving his money. Davie saved up all his
    >and all the money he got back from returning his empty bottles of
    >and finally managed to get himself a pair of brilliant white trainers to
    >with his shell suit. Proudly, he strutted down the streets of Govan
    >calling out to all the passers "by ra way man, see ma new gutties? Cool,
    >One fine upstanding gentleman pointed out that they were indeed a fine
    >of gutties but was young Davie aware that he had a lace undone? Davie

    >scornfully retorted that it was part of being cool to have a trailing
    >and that on the sole of the trainer there were instructions for the
    >to do such a thing. When asked for proof of this instruction, Davie took
    >off his trainer and held it upside down for the disbeliever to read.

    >"There y'are y Fud! .......It clearly says...................... Taiwan

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    Tai wan lmfao !!

    But since when is there a refund on bottles of Buckfast ??
    I should have a couple laying around the garden somwhere...
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