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    The answer to your question is "no" unless it is something that comes bundled with a corporate security suite that they already have.

    I will take catch's general viewpoint on this (I think): In a corporate environment there should be no need for such software.

    Spyware that comes from websites and e-mail etc. is the result of an inadequate security policy and/or one that is not enforced. Anything else should be blocked at the perimeter................hell, this stuff loads it makes registry entries , it alters files .......................what kind of shop are you running if you let that sort of thing happen at the desktop level with ordinary user authority levels?

    If you let this stuff get in, you are compromised, end of story. You had better make sure that this does not happen on those parts of your network(s) where critical and confidential data are handled.

    Of course I am referring to large corporate and institutional networks/users.

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    I have to agree with nihil on this, if security policies are enforced, and you add something like the Symantec all in one corporate edition (for worms and virii, though the added malware protection doesn't hurt ) then there's really no reason you should have too many problems with spyware/adware. Of course, to be successful with this setup, you need to enforce your policies...
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    Question - has anyone had their organization declare and official "Spyware Solution?"
    No, and you shouldn't reveal any of your organisations security measures/products. the first thing a malicious attacker will try to do is gain information about your company. This includes the details of your operating systems, network setup, firewalls, policies and controls etc etc.

    If a flaw is found in the software you use and you've broadcasted this to the world you've made the company a juicy target. Collect your P45 on the way out.

    I think the article itself is as intended a quick executive summary of some available antispyware solutions for the stated business size.
    You wouldn't buy anything after reading it but you may narrow your choices (or look at something new) before investigating further.

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