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Thread: Video Security Model (UK)

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    Video Security Model (UK)

    Sooooo, I see where the use of this technology is heading eh!

    CCTV staff 'spied on naked woman'
    Two council workers used CCTV cameras to spy on a woman as she undressed for a bath, a court has heard.

    But the men were themselves caught on a camera monitoring Sefton Council's CCTV control room, Liverpool Crown Court was told.


    This is what a lot of people were afraid would happen if not regulated properly, and unfortunately a lot of communities in Canada want to embrace this stuff.

    I like the fact that they were themeselves caught on tape..........
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    Welcome to, "1984".

    Only, it turned up a little late.
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    This probably happens all the time. This is just unusual in that they were caught. Sad but not at all surprizing. If the men were not properly briefed that they themselves were being recorded and that misuse of the equipment consituted gross misconduct, they will walk.

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    talk about getting caught with your pants down..

    I know that if something like this was presented in from of me i know i would take a quick looksie, as the saying goes curiosity killed the cat..


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