Okay, so, after somebody (I forget. Gore, maybe?) mentioned Dettux in a thread about Gentoo, I decided to give it a go.

First of all, vmware (or, I guess, a VM of your choice) helps because you don't actually need to use 8 floppies; you can virtually switch 'em around. So, I got the ... Let's say "basic distribution" installed. That's after the eight floppies.
I had to fight to get LILO to work, but that's probably due to my lack of knowledge of LILO (I can recopy files later if needed by someone here). My drive looks like this:

/dev/hda1 : /boot (30 megs or so)
/dev/hda2 : swap (big woop, it's not being used, heh)
/dev/hda3 : / (the rest, 4 gigs or so)

I have unsuccessfully tried to connect to the outside world, although I have been able to connect to the intranet (caveat emptor).
Thankfully, I guess, as I use Gentoo, I have a lot of source tarballs.
Unfortunately, the last update for Dettux was in 2002 or so, and as you are all aware, Linux moves fast. So, what I have on my machine just doesn't compile! And so, started the hunt for older stuff, in an attempt to, eventually, move to an up-to-date distribution...

Well, this is what I have compiled so far, in that order.

Aaaand at this point I'm kinda stuck, looking for an old enough version of coreutils that it'll compile. Oldest I have is 5.0 ... (right after gettext. I'm moving forward though)


So, I propose that this thread be a work-thread, where everyone who is toying with Dettux participate and help each other in figuring it out. ... Anybody interested, or am I alone in this foray into masochism?