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Thread: Cisco IOS Version

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    Cisco IOS Version


    I would like to run this by the AO community to get your ideas and opinions.

    I have been having some discussion with some people lately regarding a common issue they have been seeing relating to vulnerabilities in the IOS version of CISCO routers. The recommended solution they received was often to upgrade to a newer version. Currently, many are using 12.1 and are afraid to upgrade due to functionality.

    Does anyone know of some industry standards saying what these folks can be using to help them? Anywhere they can look or reference would be great.

    What are many of you using? Have you come accross these situations?

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    Have a look at the Cisco advisories.. Besides the recommendation to upgrade there are usually some workarounds in case you cannot upgrade..

    As for functionality, again go to the Cisco site to see what has changed between versions..

    Industry standard practice is to test the new version before putting it in production..
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