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    Sony at it again


    Certain audio compact discs distributed by Sony BMG contain a version of the SunnComm MediaMax software, which creates a serious risk of a "privilege escalation attack." This new security vulnerability -- different than the one reported in early November regarding Sony BMG CDs sold with software called XCP -- affects all Sony BMG CDs that contain version 5 of SunnComm MediaMax software. According to Sony BMG, about six million CDs have this software.
    From El Reg...

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    OH MAN! WTF?!

    I have a question. Is there a list somewhere that shows what CD's from Sony have the "problems"?

    I am looking for some kindling for my fireplace,

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    Sony BMG list
    EFF list

    It's all in the article, btw...

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    I just can't wait for the class-action lawsuite to come full head so i can jump aboard and help "stick it to the man". I can remember the last class action law suit i was appart of. It was that one where people were sueing someone, i think the cd manufacturers, for unfair price raises with cd's, got my self a $21 and some change check from that lawsuit. and all i had to do was enter in my mailing info and email addres then sign the pettition thingy that stated i was part of the class sueing.
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    Anyone know about EMI copy protection?

    I bought the last Prodigy album the other day and it stated that it had Copy Protection technology.

    Now I copied it for the car just using Nero with no probs, I also ripped it with media player.
    I've got autoplay disabled so since I could do whatever I wanted anyway WTF does this copy protection actually do?

    I did do a quick google last night but all it said was that some EMI disks will only play on your PC through the supplied software media player. The disk I have does state that it is PC/DVD compatable.

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