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    Similar to phishphreek80's idea, you can try this low tech solution as well - assuming you have physical access to the switches, power one off (killing all network connections) - check your PC's and see which PC's now have no access to network resources (Internet, file shares, etc.) - record those, then repeat the whole process for each switch that you have.

    As mentioned, if you know the IP addresses, usernames and passwords of the switches involved you can log into those switches (possibly via telnet, console, or HTTP access) and view the MAC addresses of the PC's connected to each port on the switch. This of course is all dependant on how much info you have for each switch and if those switches are currently assigned IP addresses.
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    Yep, after some running around, I got access to the switch room, and watched the lights go out as I unplugged couple machines. Low tech, but yea, it worked. I wasn't sure if I would be able to get access to the switches, so I was trying to find a way to do it via network, but the switches aren't configured with IP addresses...

    Anyway, found out what I needed.

    Thanks to everyone!


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