Decided to put this here because this affects the ' whole ' site and membership...not just those who can access Addicts.

1. I've said it before and I'll say it again...we need a more equal distribution of mods across time zones.

This would provide a greater ability to deal with a situation ' before ' it ever becomes an a mess like the other night.

Seeing as JupMed has generously agreed not to pay the mods ( exceptions noted ) , adding a few more should not cause an undue economic hardship for them.

Personally, as I have suggested before, foxy and Undies are two credible candidates...actually, considering the size of the membership, a additional 4-5 mods from the other side of the pond would be reasonable and would create a better distribution of them.

In essence the mods here are the sites firewalls and AV protectors.

2. I don't really give a flying fluck about what other people's opinions are concerning this...this below...

Most Recently Banned:
**** FUNK
HEY **** YOU!
Evil Skiddie
j00 stupid fux!
**** pushed in
Random Blow4Joe
Blow Random Joe
should be removed from the front makes the site look trashy and highly unprofessional.

3. Spyder once suggested I PM intmon or someone...and if I had the standing and influence of the likes of nihil, Neg, or others I would...but reality is I have no influence here so it would be a wasted effort falling upon deaf ears.

Does anyone really think this is never going to happen again? It is...and for a site that touts the ' importance ' of security and prevention...and constantly complains about people not properly protecting their machines...don't you think we should be properly prepared to deal with this situation when it happens again?

or is this just a case of hypocrisy...where we complain about those lacking and yet leave this site open for attack and abuse and do nothing but clean up the mess?!

Think of this in terms of standard security...are you supposed to protect your machine to prevent infection...or leave it open and just clean it up.