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Thread: AO Dreams

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    AO Dreams

    So yeah this was weird, i dreamed of xierox and CodeSplic (ao name?). Since i only could remember their pictures, xierox's car stopped (Saab) CodeSplice has a saab)...he was with his girlfriend, and i came over to help and then i said "Hey it's me MemorY from AO, and we chit-chatted a bit and i woke up.....

    yeah weird...did anyone else dream of AO or anything concerning AO or its members ???
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    sorry man im on here alot but I have never dreamed of AO or anything or anyone related to AO lol sounds like you need a breather lol.
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    Man what ever your taking , give me some..

    I once dreamt that i got banned, then when i awoke and tried to log into the site i realised it wasn't a dream..


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    that's dedication, but ill stick to my racy sex dreams
    meh. -ech0.

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