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Thread: An excuse for any occasion

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    An excuse for any occasion

    Heard about this on the radio this morning, absolutely cracked me up. If you're having an affair, stuck going to work when you don't want to, want to convince that girl you're chatting with you have a fabulous job and a secretary, or just want to hide behind an alternate ego, here's your alibi. For an initial fee of $75, and then $35 a year, you can have an entire network of liars, cheaters, and other dishonest and creepy people to back you up.
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    Oh hell.. my cover is blown..
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    And I wonder who on AO already subscribes to the service?

    /me goes to cancel cheque............they violated their privacy policy, didn't they? /

    EDIT: Rats, you beat me to it undies!

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    Damn they seem to have a service for every conceavible alibi needed..

    Great find Deb..

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    I think it's funny how they have the pictures of family and stuff like that on there. Looks like a site for some anti-depressant drug or an allergy medication.
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    Yanno, it's scary, but that's *actually* a very good idea for making money. I would willingly assist in a competing endeavour (for a share of the profits, of course) if someone were to start one...
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    Sheeesh, I wonder if Osama is a member eh!.... Would explain why the CIA can't find him, probably half of them are listed as members as well.

    I bet old Bill Clinton could of used these services.
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    Thats really terrrible that they are reinforcing people's bad behavior by making it easier for them. While I have never had an affair I really could use that rescue call to get me out of my boring "Admininstering Windows XP" class from 6-11pm mwf... required for my degree even though I know how to admin XP already!
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    /me frowns.. I definitely could have used some of those in the past.
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