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Thread: OpenSource MMORPG

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    OpenSource MMORPG

    Ive recently got into MMORPG games and i came across afew on sourceforge . Im looking at possibly joining and helping on development of one but i just thought id ask any of you guys whether you know of any other opensource communities / websites etc where i may find similar opensource projects ?


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    $ eix -S mmorpg
    * games-fps/vendetta-online-bin
         Available versions:  1
         Installed:           none
         Homepage:            http://www.vendetta-online.com/
         Description:         Space-based MMORPG with amazing graphics
    * games-rpg/daimonin-client
         Available versions:  0.95b-r2 0.96.6_beta3
         Installed:           none
         Homepage:            http://daimonin.sourceforge.net/
         Description:         MMORPG with 2D isometric tiles grafik, true color and alpha blending effects
    * games-rpg/planeshift
         Available versions:  0.3.011
         Installed:           none
         Homepage:            http://www.planeshift.it/
         Description:         Virtual fantasy world MMORPG
    * games-rpg/tmw
         Available versions:  0.0.16-r1 0.0.17
         Installed:           none
         Homepage:            http://themanaworld.org/
         Description:         A fully free and open source MMORPG game with the looks of "old-fashioned" 2D RPG
    * games-rpg/eternal-lands
         Available versions:  1.1.2
         Installed:           none
         Homepage:            http://www.eternal-lands.com
         Description:         An online MMORPG written in C and SDL
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