Excerpt from Nmap-Hackers newsletter

While Nmap has gained many cool features in the last couple of years,
its waistline has also been growing. 65K-port scans of many hosts can
take an unacceptable amount of RAM. I want Nmap to work on your
Zaurus PDA, not to require an expensive new computer. So I am pleased
to introduce Diet Nmap, otherwise known as 3.95, which substantially
reduces the memory consumption of large scans.

And that isn't all! I'm happy to report that the NmapFE GUI is back
from the (near) dead
. Most modern Linux systems don't even include
the GTK1 which it relied on, but Mike Basinger and Meethune Bhowmick
ported it to GTK2 for this version. I am distributing NmapFE RPMs
again now that it actually compiles on my systems.

3.95 also includes the brand new man page and help screen. The
response to my call for translations was overwhelming! Teams of
volunteers are hard at work on 27 languages from Arabic, Azeri, and
Catalan to Spanish, Swedish, and Tagalog. This release includes the
two that have been completed so far (Brazilian Portuguese, and
Portugal Portuguese). A few more teams are apparently just days away
from finishing.

As usual, you can find the goods at:


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