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Thread: More On Rootkits

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    More On Rootkits

    An article from eweek that oulines what F-secure is seeing on the rootkit front. They say their results mirror Microsoft's, but take it for what its worth. What is interesting is that the article names several adware companies that are using increased stealthing tactics to prevent detection, including one using a polymorphic wrapper.


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    HackerDefender is something deffinately to be concerned about. HackDef isnt a one-off rootkit technology thats once written and published, thats it. HackDef is consantly updated and can come in as many variants possible.

    The maker of HackerDefender is actually selling his services to companies. From my previous research, he can "apparently" make his HackDef immune to a number of security softwares, depending on how much the company is willing to pay for it.

    Theres been a constant battle between HackDef and RootkitRevealer for quite sometime now. And this is what makes HackDef more dangerous, coz it is competing due to the revenue it gets from other companies who wishes to employ HackDef technology into their malwares.

    I wouldnt be surprised if Apropose is a major concern due to HackDef techology. The maker of HackDef is willing to make his tool as complicated as the buyer wants it, for the right price.
    Apropose probably paid a lot to get the best service they get from HackDef.

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