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Thread: W32.Downadub.B virus problem

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    W32.Downadub.B virus problem

    By now most of you may know of a virus W32.Downadub.B infecting most of the U.S. We are seeing a huge impact at our company. Besides some registry cleans and dumping of some temp files its coming back. Its coming back due to the fact that it spreads through network shares. I have put the Microsoft Hotfix on a few machines but do not have much information on how to rid the problem perminently. Has anyone seen this and worked out a possible solution?

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    I would try malwarebytes.org

    although I am not familiar with the virus\worm...I patched

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    IIRC Mcafee stinger is able to remove it. But you will have to scan everything.
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    Is that the one I mentioned here:


    F-Secure say that they have a tool for it?

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