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Thread: to all you rockers out there...

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    to all you rockers out there...

    last night i lost my concert virginity to Dope... A Merry Metal Christmas

    texas funeral
    cirus dawn
    the euphoric
    anew revolution

    and DOPE

    damn... what a night...

    ok im off to nurse my hangover.. peace
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    Re: to all you rockers out there...

    Originally posted here by hexadecimal
    last night i lost my concert virginity...
    ahhhh, cds are cool, but I don't think there's any comparision to the excitement generated at a live concert!

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    Did you happen to take any photos of the event?
    So you get any souveniers from the event?

    So do you feel any different now you've been to see Dope live..


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    I prefer outdoor concerts...used to go to a few Bluegrass festivals and lay on the grass with your friends and listen to music all day...we nicked them ' baby Woodstocks '.


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    I just took my roomate to his first concert. It took him 3 days to recover

    Kottonmouth Kings
    Big B
    Chucky Styles
    Judge D
    Mower (Badass metal band)

    It was seriously the best live show I've ever seen.

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    I prefer outdoor concerts

    Ain't nothing like an outdoor concert they rock. The last one i went to was the Rolling Stones
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    I went to my first concert last month. It was the Nintendo Fusion Tour featuring Fall Out Boy. Man, it was great. I'd never actually expierence music live and I was swept up in the thrill of the mosh pit. Can't wait till they come back here next spring. Already hooked up with a ticket.
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    i touched the bass players strings, i was 2 feet from the stage the entire time..

    got 2 picts too (thing u play guitar with not pics)... il try to get a pic of one of em

    gonna go see a Powerman 5000 concert in febuary
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    2 weeks or so ago I saw sevendust with mudvayne. I originally went for Mudvayne, but sevendust stole the show. It was awesome.

    Congrats Hex

    I guess dope would be a pretty kick-ass first show. I saw weazer/no doubt (back during No doubt's first cd - when they were still cool) for my first.

    ah... sweet nostolgia

    /edit: What the hell ever happened to PM5K ? I've been listening to them alot lately. Didn't they just come out with best-of CD or something ? I'll have to check out their site for tour stops.
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    My first outdoor concert I saw Lighthouse, we had battle of the bands type concerts here on the Citidal Hill (middle of Halifax) early 70's, the best one I went to was Bachman Turner Overdrive in Windsor Ont at the University,(73 or 74 not sure as the 70's were pretty vague? ) just when they were taking off.(Liverpool and Mahogany Rush were there as well).

    Best indoor one I saw was Rush (Farewell to Kings Tour), what a rush
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