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Thread: Advances menu

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    Advances menu

    Is there a way to remove advanced menu completely. Or make it hidden somhow?

    If im not mistakesn that is the menu u get to by pressing F8 while windows starts up?


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    Before I can help you I need more info on your system... what brand of computer do you have? Operating System? why do you want to remove the BIOS start up menu?

    p.s. I did find THIS link dont know if it will help or not but just look at it and see if thats what you want. If not, like I said give me your system specs and I will try and help you some more.
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    As Tex~ has said.....................why do you want to do this?

    OK, you can cripple Windows if you want to, but I don't see a big advantage with this one?........with Win2000 and XP you are still prompted for a password. A lot of stuff like your CD drive won't work.............I do not see "safe mode" as being a threat............that's more back in the NT 4.0 days?

    Please do not misunderstand me, I am not questioning your motivation, merely your objectives? some of us here may have a more elegant solution?

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    remove the F8 key from the keyboard.
    There problem solved..

    sorry but that's just about the only thing i could suggest considering you'd have to be some sort of coding guru to re-code windows so that it runs without Safe Mode inbuilt to the system..


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    All the student at the uni have there own username and password.
    So we use Rembo and deepfreez for imaging and freezing the computer, but i have tested and i can disable deepfreez, just because i can get into advance menus. So if i can hide it or get rid of it in some way i will help alot.
    The computer get reimages every month it is just a exstra mesure of security. There is not data stored on the computers them self it is all saved on the server.

    Hope this makes more sence.

    Thanks for all the help

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