John Draper's site were it gone captain.?
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Thread: John Draper's site were it gone captain.?

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    John Draper's site were it gone captain.?

    Anyone know what happened to John Draper's website?
    { A.K.A Captain Crunch }
    have tried the following known links to he's site.

    and even the mirrored version has made a dissapearance.

    have tried a few google searches, but knowing my luck i'm searching wrong.


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    John Draper has an AO account..
    But I don't think PM-ing him would help.. since he hasn't been here since before JP sold the site to Jupm..

    Damn.. even seems to be gone (the "crunchbox" site)
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    Thanks for the help the_Jinx
    and thanks Dalek for the link.


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    John Draper was here... along with The Triad might I add, about a year ago IIRC

    Long after the sale.

    It was for a single thread tho...

    EDIT: I just remembered... It was something on spam filters, as Mr. Draper is currently working on some sort of anti-spam system.

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