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Thread: Broadband Question

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    Broadband Question

    I got two computers at home one is downstairs and one is upstairs. In the past both computers had 56K internet access.

    A few months back one of the computers had gotten broadband access with BT . The access came with all software and BT voyager 205 ADSL Router.

    My question , is there anyway to allow both computers to have broadband internet access ? ie to unable the computer upstairs to get broadband to I have to buy a broadband modem ? or im i cable to somehow plug into the downstairs router and get access ?

    I want it so that either computers can get access to broadband but I don't want it so that both computers have to be on for either one to gain internet access.

    If anyone can tell me how to do it , what equipment i need etc, that would be great.


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    Buy a wireless router...stick an wireless nic in the machine farthest away to to broadband modem supplied by BT....unless you want to run cables....

    MHO...get the router...it will also act as a firewall.

    The router will act as the main connection to your broadband...you will have to configure it with the isps username and password...dns etc

    bt modem>wireless router>computers

    I have this type of setup in my house...2 wireless connections and 2 wired direct to the router.

    All computers have internet access

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