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Thread: New FireFox Exploit

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    New FireFox Exploit

    Hi all!

    I just wanted to bring to your attention a new exploit in FireFox 1.0.4 so for those who haven't upgraded it yet you should consider it? , Heres the link:


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    Link broke .....

    Did you mean PCWorld: Attack Targets Mozilla

    Brief article discussing just released proof of concept for known exploit that was patched.
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    Sorry about the broken link but thats the article I'm talking about in IKnowNot's reply.

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    Theres another one flying around the net full article here:


    The Mozilla Foundation has said in its security advisory, that there is a bug in the way Firefox 1.5 handles Web pages with extremely long titles, which appears to make the browser hang; however the bug poses no risk to users or their computers, contrary to earlier reports.

    Mozilla's online security advisory says that pages with really long titles up to 2.5 million characters were designed as proof of concept to demonstrate the bug. In reality, the software is busy processing the long name; but the slow start cannot be corrected until the site name is removed from Firefox's history file.

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