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Thread: Displaying PNG-24 Alpha Transparency on MSIE 5.5+

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    Displaying PNG-24 Alpha Transparency on MSIE 5.5+

    If you ever tried to display a png-24 with alpha transparency on msie 5.5 or above, you must have noticed that image no longer remains transparent. A dark blue-gray background is rendered instead of transparency, which makes it look so ugly. This problem is only with IE.

    The solution for this is the PHP code available here.

    If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE) on a Windows platform, you will notice that the image has a gray background, showing you the boundaries of the image clearly.

    This is a common problem faced by many web designers and web developers. As web technologies progress, web developers want to take advantage of them to make it easier to implement design elements that would otherwise be quite complex - or impossible. However, if popular web browsers don't have these technologies implemented correctly, designers and developers become frustrated when they aren't able to use the best solution (or only solution in many cases) for their problem.

    Can't wait to try it.

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    This may help too:
    PNG Files Do Not Show Transparency in Internet Explorer

    IIRC IE7 will have proper support for the alpha channel....

    Edit: Ah.. Looks like the MS sollution doesn't work.. The KB article does point to more info on the AlphaImageLoader...
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