I started out with a notepad and later started using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, but I've been wanting to use a more Java friendly IDE that doesn't take up as much overhead as MVS.NET. I started using JGrasp, but I'm having some serious issues with it.

I make changes to my class file and implimentation file and then compile. Everything looks great. Later after writing my JSP pages, I go back to edit some fields. For some crazy reason, JSP files seem to like methods that use set + the initialized variable name. Well here is my problem. After making changes, recompiling and then restarting jakarta tomcat, I open up my JSP file and recieve an error that was already changed. I flush history and delete temp files, but still the same issue. Personally, I don't think I should be going through all this trouble.

Well, a friend of mine told me to try out netBean, downloading as I write this, but I still don't have any experience with it. I don't want to waste time only to run into the same issues. Does anyone have any experience the two?

Also, having an issue connecting to an Oracle Server on the web. I'm using a CachedRowSet to authenticate to the Oracle Server, but I'm wondering if I'm using the correct info.

after instantiation, lets say:

private CachedRowSet tester;

should I be able to log my application into the Oracle Server by,

tester.setUrl(" the url ");
tester.setUsername(" my user name");
tester.setPassword(" my password");

the example I picked this up from was originally connecting to a local mysql server. I already wrote my sql code using Oracle syntax and really don't want to get in there and mess with things.