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Thread: No Cuba in Baseball?

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    No Cuba in Baseball?

    The U.S. has denied Cuba a chance to play in World Baseball Classic next year. All politics or a real reason to do so? I think its just cause our gov. hates cuba I want your opinions on this.

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    The US has never forgiven Fidel for "Bay of Pigs", it is no longer politics anymore as Fidel has no politics, the USSR has abandoned them (can't afford to keep paying him). Also the fanatics in little Havana (Florida) won't leave well enough alone, and insist on making sure the US keep the Cubans on the not a friends list.

    Cuba is no threat to anyone, least of all the US of A, if you want to effect change there then open it up, sh*t China has a worse record then Cuba and yet US business people are falling all over each other trying to get in the door.

    I have never been there personally, but there are thousands of non US people who visit this island continiously (and maybe some US citizens)....

    I think it's a shame that their baseball team is not allowed to compete, and unfortunatley what this does is leave the other teams including the dream team from the USA thinking that maybe the Cubans could have beaten them, they do have fine ball players, but now because of silly politics we will never know.....
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    Hey Tex~

    In compliance with the latest (secret) deal between your president and our prime minister, Cuba cannot play baseball until they have proven themselves at cricket and rugby.

    In the meantime, the UK County of Yorkshire will take their place. This is hardly surprising as the sport (and softball) was introduced by members of the USAF back in WWII.

    I have actually played for the USN down in London.............charity do, they needed a few cricketers, as it was a dual sport contest (we, they, won)

    As for the USAMC...................that must remain undisclosed ............amazing hospitality

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