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Thread: A guide to smoking for men of the Empire

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    A guide to smoking for men of the Empire


    (the home link is 404 but the intro and illustrations work)

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    Hmm some of the descriptions were funny, the Decandent School Boy reminded me of my school days when we'd hide out behind the Gym, we'd quickly hold our ciggies in that position when a Teacher would come around the corner. and i remember once i did it and my jumper caught on fire.

    Oh those were the days..
    Thanks for sharing, and great find Aspman.


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    LOL....wander how many were "extroverts"? now the Rum Cove kinda reminds me of my younger days, trying to decide which hand to smoke with and which hand to drink with, until it didn't matter, and eventually you had a couple of ciggies on the go..... (quit in 1997)
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    I have done my fair share of drinking and smoking but now i have quit smoking and stick to just drinking every now and then.... I try and keep my drinking to the weekends only lol.
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