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    Adobe changing patch frequency to monthly

    Will cover all Adobe products including Macromedia which they recently purchased. I guess I didnt realize that they have been releasing all that many patches to warrant monthly.


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    Hey ric-o

    We had a thread a few days back about attacks on software other than MS...............I did put Adobe in the frame for that one..............I had heard a few rumours that this was already an ongoing thing (so no requests for race horse names or lottery numbers )

    This seems to confirm it?

    Thanks for the info.

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    Yeah, over past year we've seen an increase in attacks and vuln research against security software like av, firewalls, ids, etc...makes sense that non-MS would be targeted since it seems have less focus/attention by admins.

    Also seeing tons more fake security websites. One recent one for McAfee (see http://www.f-secure.com/weblog/archi....html#00000733) and of course Microsoft.

    aww...no lottery nums? Oh well, dont need them I win the UK lottery everyday according to the emails I get.

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