Hey guys. I am looking at getting 2 wireless pci internet cards for my boxs, but i really don't know too much about brands and such. Here are the ones that i have been looking at so far. The main thing i need is due to the size of the area that my computers sit i cannot have one of the ones with the antenna coming out the back of the expansion slot. So i need to have ones that have a seperate antenna that connects to the expansion card via cord. Here are the ones that i have found so far, if anyone oculd look at them and let me know which way i should go i would appreciate it.

Also i have been reading about the new 802.11n that is coming out shortly, and was wondering if it would be a good idea to just hold off on the 802.11g and get n when it comes out since i currently have an ethernet cable running to the router.



this one is half as fast as the other two, and i was wondering if i would even really notice the difference while playing Final Fantasy XI Online.