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Thread: Hybrid HDD's

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    Cool Hybrid HDD's

    Found this on ExtremeTech here
    as quoted, MS are already gearing up to support it, which could well mean that the technology is about to turn obsolete ........
    but the potential is quite amazing ........

    Microsoft's hybrid drive design is currently supported only in Vista, but wider adoption is expected as standardization of the platform expands.
    What do we get from all this hybrid integration? Lower power consumption, for starters. Disk reads and writes from flash allow the hard disk to stay in a power-saving state with the spindle stopped. Samsung's Dan Barnetson estimates a 9% lower consumption overall. On a laptop, the power savings could add up to an hour of additional battery life.

    Faster boot and resume is another advantage. The first 3 to 5 seconds after initially powering up a PC are spent spinning up hard drive platters and synchronizing heads before the boot process can begin. Booting straight from the flash cache eliminates this latency without sacrificing disk performance: Flash can nearly saturate the SATA protocol's 1.6 GB/sec throughput. Working models using Intel's Robson cache have been able to shorten boot time down to less than half a minute. It's the same story for resuming from either shutdown or suspend modes. Critical data is written to the flash cache before your laptop goes to sleep, hibernates, or powers off. Upon resume, it's available instantaneously.
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    as it is supported by vista, does it mean that the laptops that already have 64bit processors should already have the "hybrid hhd". as there ar'nt too many of them around, it could be possible that the hhd supports it but didnt have the program to run it yet.

    still on the other hand, i have seen that laptops with 64 bit processors take longer to start than the nornal(32 bit) ones.

    the site talks about a new type of hhd drive and not the software. but as vista supports it, it should be coming around somewhere the same time as vista.
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    And here is I just ordered a RAM drive and 4GB of RAM (couldnt afford 8Gb)... pity the some reviews of this hardware is contradictory..
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