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Thread: Silly Things To Do At Christmas

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    Silly Things To Do At Christmas

    1. Stand in front of a supermarket wearing a Santa suit, ringing
    a bell and wishing everyone a Happy Hanukkah.

    2. Wrap yourself in swaddling clothes and lay in the manger of
    the neighbor's nativity scene.

    3. Put on a Santa suit and open a mall kiosk that sells reindeer
    jerky and Easter Bunny filets.

    4. Call Park Rangers in your area and tell them Rudolph is sick.
    Ask if you can borrow one of their reindeers. If they tell you
    no, then yell at them telling them they are heartless bastards
    for ruining Christmas for all the children around the world.

    5. Wear a Santa suit to the nearest red light district and stand
    on the corner saying "Ho! Ho! Ho!" as women walk by.

    6. Get a job as a mall Santa and then tell all the children that
    they've been naughty and won't be getting any presents this

    7. Create snow sculptures in your yard of snowmen in suggestive

    8. Buy a package of Keebler's E.L. Fudge Sandwich Cookies and
    hand them out to children saying this is what happens to the
    bad elves.

    9. Decorate your yard to look like a sleigh and eight tiny
    reindeer crashed and burned. Walk back and forth along the
    street muttering, "Oh, the humanity".

    10. Get a job playing Santa at a corporate Christmas party and
    ask everyone if they'd like to see some naked pictures of
    Santa with the Boss's wife.

    11. Sell jars of water, advertising them as Frosty the Snowman

    12. Get a job as a mall Santa and then tell all the children
    they'll get what you give 'em and that's that!

    13. Get a job as a mall Santa and then tell all the children you
    are sick of the milk and cookies crap and you'd prefer a beer
    and a hot blonde instead.

    14. Sell Grinch-skin rugs.

    15. Stand on a street corner selling dime bags of mistletoe.

    16. Post a sign in front yard that says Carolers Welcome. Then
    when they get almost to the front door turn on the sprinklers.

    17. Randomly replace one bulb in your neighbor's lights so they
    no longer work. Repeat this every day until Christmas.

    18. Decorate your yard for the holidays using you neighbor's

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    7. Create snow sculptures in your yard of snowmen in suggestive
    Thats kinda funny because on my way to work yesterday morning I was just driving along minding my own business when I saw something that made me laugh so hard I almost wrecked my car. The house in question is about 1 block from a church and right across the street from a target store. Like I said I was just minding my own business sipping my morning coffee when suddenly I see a GIANT 6 foot tall penis complete with testicles sticking out of the ground. It was very detailed and I remeber thinking to my self that whoever did that must have been feeling very artistic. I drive an old peice of shite car and my heater doesnt work all that great so you can imagine the fun I had trying to clean the frozen capucino off of my steering wheel. BTW hot capucino through your nose is very painfull. But worth every minute. I naturaly went back that afternoon with my camera as I was going to share the hillarity with all but by that time either it had melted or the city had made them take it down

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    7. Create snow sculptures in your yard of snowmen in suggestive poses.
    nobody does snowmen like Calvin and Hobbes
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    I have tears streaming down my face foxy...too funny.

    Thanks for the giggle


    You must spread your AntiPoints around before giving it to foxyloxley again.
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    nobody does snowmen like Calvin and Hobbes
    These are some of my all time favourite cartoons.


    Thank you.
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