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Thread: Gates turns to Firefox for cooperation

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    Gates turns to Firefox for cooperation

    Microsoft will borrow an icon for its Internet Explorer 7 browser from rival Firefox, developers said late Wednesday. The orange icon, which in Firefox 1.5 appears at the far right in the address bar, designates an RSS feed, will be used by IE 7, said Jane Kim, the program manager for RSS on the browser's official developer blog. After meeting with Mozilla Corp. developers, said Kim, "we all agreed that itís in the userís best interest to have one common icon to represent RSS and RSS-related features in a browser." The icon will be used in IE 7 in much the same was as it's now applied in Firefox; as an indicator in the address bar when the browser's on a page with an RSS feed. It will first appear in the public beta, which is expected in the first quarter of 2006.
    Microsoft To Lift RSS Icon From Firefox :: Hack In The Box :: Keeping Knowledge Free

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    I wonder what Microsoft will copy next - extensions? an integrated search tool? inbuilt tabbed browsing?

    Thanks for the heads-up Eg - a bit of a shock, but nonetheless interesting. It also proves that Microsoft is recognising Firefox as what it is - a great browser which is being taken up by more and more people.
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    Wonder how much there making from this deal with the devil oops meant MicroSoft.

    Microsoft will borrow an icon for its Internet Explorer 7
    Loved this part as i instantly started thinking yep, they will borrow it then they will patent the icon and force rival company's to pay them to continue using this little orange icon..

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