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Thread: Ask Jeeves is Hiring

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    Ask Jeeves is Hiring


    Summary Description:
    Ask Jeeves, Inc. is seeking qualified candidates for the position of Sr. Software Engineer to work at our Campbell location. The Software Engineer will develop and implement a large scale data processing system in a distributed environment, in C++. The development tasks involve all aspects of scaling and improving a high-volume end-user focused web service.


    * Addressing scaling issues arising from storing large amounts of data and serving a lot of web pages
    * Maintain and improve RSS crawling and parsing processes
    * Implement new functionality
    * Develop tools and utilities to track progress and provide statistics

    Technical Skill Level:

    * Bachelors degree in Computer Science, Computer engineering, related fields or equivalent field experience.
    * Very strong C and C++ understanding and development abilities
    * Very strong UNIX abilities, including multithreaded/multiprocess development skills
    * Good understanding of web protocols such as HTTP and HTTPS
    * Good understanding of performance issues in a UNIX system and distributed environment
    * Familiarity with web templating systems
    * Familiarity with RSS and blogs
    * Familiarity with scripting languages such as Python, Perl, or Bash
    * Familiarity with databases such as Sleepycat, GDBM, or MySQL

    Professional Skill Level:

    * Able to work independently with minimum supervision.
    * Result oriented. Love to work on the problems until solutions are found.
    * Take initiative
    * Able to actively drive project
    * Be creative, patient and efficient, produce practical solutions
    * Able to adapt to quick requirements change and produce quick solutions.
    * Attention to details
    * Commitment to Team

    Required Experience:

    * 5+ yrs experience
    * BS in computer science or equivalent field experience

    Ask Jeeves About Careers

    the job is dated...but because it's still posted I'm assuming it's possible they haven't found a suitable candidate yet and are still looking.

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