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If you've used Apple or one of the Linux desktops, you might notice an interesting feature whenever software gets installed on those OS's. A login comes up asking for the admin's password. What's nice about this is that it gives the user a threshhold to cross so they know when software is getting installed. Users are more secure in other OS's.
Gee, there's an idea. Ask for passwords before installing files! Windows can't do this! OMFGPWNED!!!

Oh wait... Run as a restricted User Account! Want to install software? Right-click -> Run As... What do you know!? You have to enter a password!

As for giving it up, if there's plenty of Windows vs. *nix discussions across this board, why are you here?
Because there's far more you can talk about in regards to security than just "Which OS is more secure"? That's why.

- Xierox