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Thread: can't change symantec parent server

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    can't change symantec parent server

    i have one primary symantec server and one secondary . i want to move some of clients of primary to secondary one.i can do it by draging and drroping clients from primary on secondary.but just for some of them.for some it says :
    "some clients could not be moved.verify these clients are online and can comminucate with the current parent and new parent ,then try and move them again."

    i guess all the clinets are in the same situation.but it seems not.would someone help me ?

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    i found some documents on symantec site about solutions of this problem,but all were about symantec corporate 8.X,9.X . which have grc.dat file on clinets and servers.
    but my version is 10 . i searched on my clients and no one have this file,only the servers have it . so it seems those solution won't work as i test on on client which i copy grc.dat file on it but it didn't care about what i did .

    so edit registry of this client manually , but i am not sure it be a safe solution. i serach for all previus server name entry in registry and repalce all by new parent name. but i have to wait till tomarrow to see if it works well or not .

    any idea about this problem ???

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    not for much to help but....

    did you contact symantec support?
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    If i remember correctly with symantec the grc.dat is the file that is used to configure the client so it points towards the right server. When you copy the file from the server to the releavent folder on you client it updates you norton client configuration. You may have to stop and start the service for it to work. After which the GRC.dat file on the client should disappare. You should check norton for the propper path as it depends on your OS. Hope that helps.
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    I happen to admin the SAV solution here. This is what you need to know.

    1) GRC.DAT, as pointed out, is used to point the client to the parent of your choice. This can also be done by simply editing the existing registry key located here:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\INTEL\LANDesk\VirusProtect6\CurrentVersion\Client Group

    2) Your Symantec System Center has to be at the version equal to the most current hosts out there. If you have version 10 hosts, they will not drag&drop properly in a pre 10 console.

    So, if this were me, I'd

    a) Update my console to the most recent build.
    b) If version 10 of SAV is approved for production use, then deploy it out to everyone to get a build standard established.

    Note that the console only has information that a host polled in with. There are times when orphaned data may be visible in the console. The design of the SAV console is wonderful 1980s technology and will soon be replaced with an entirely new design (so I'm told). Everyone knows the current one sucks.

    In the mean time, at very least, get your console up to the latest and greatest and then concentrate on moving clients to different parents.

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