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Thread: Where are my tax$$$ going???

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    Where are my tax$$$ going???

    Canadian Rant>

    I just had the most unfortunate event of visiting a friend in the local hospital here in Canada

    And I tell you ...I was disgusted and appalled at the state of the patient's enviroment coming out of major surgery to be housed in a dirty disorganized mess my friend is in...

    Granted they are building the new hospital......but geeeez.....this guy is highly prone to infection........as with all the other patients there.......I wouldnt want to be there ...and I am healthy!!

    There is clutter in the hallways...the paint is peeling of the walls...and all I wanted to do is get outa there as fast as I could.....I felt i was in some welfare state........some 3rd world hospital.............

    I had surgery in 2000...although in a major city......and it wasnt that bad...thank god for the morphine

    I dont have local doctor....cause there arent any available here......and.....the ones I did take my kids to are totallly incompetent....... I am orginally from TO so I drive the 2 hrs to see my doctor..2hrs back...no traffic .......this is the state of our "free" health care

    We in Canada.....pay a huge amount of taxes on everything we do.........when we fill up up our vehicles at 80-120 cents a litre...half of that goes to the various governements.

    Whenever I buy someyhing here in Ontario, I pay 7% GST (federal\national tax) and 8 % (provincial\state tax)

    Whenever I buy cigs or alcohol..........I pay half of that to taxes again.........

    and thats not including the income tax that is sucked right of my check every payday (federal and provincial)

    Hey Tex....when your visiting Moose jaw..........dont get sick here
    wait til you get home........might be free...but not so good

    We have another election now..........unneeded.........Just because some cowboy wants to be prime minister......kinda like bushypoo

    spending monies that could be better used in our hospitals.........and education..other then the military...and war

    I want the Canada I was brought up with...........we had dental care in our schools...good health care.....good education........

    And I am so confused on who to vote for......

    Anyway .....rant over.....

    Sorry to bother all you "International Folks"

    Just ignore

    I am wino..ed

    So..to all you Canadians..................what are we gonna do about it....and who are you going to vote for...I would truly like to know.......pm me if it is privite.....I wont tell


    I would add another smiley......but I am not allowed!!
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    Here in Philadelphia the city of brotherly love our taxes go for more political corruption it doesn't pay for what it surpose to.

    Oh wait my house taxes goes to the public schools every year like i said more corruption
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    I thought you were in the UK for a sec. NHS is in much the same state.

    Doesn't matter who you vote for they'll still screw you over.

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    Hey Aspman ,

    I don't know what it is like where you are, but we have slightly different problems?

    1. Down the east coast (mainly agriculture & small towns/holiday resorts) dentists are the hardest to find

    2. Reduction in ER facilities in smaller hospitals.

    3. To many "targets" and "grinning fool" spin...................too many bloody administrators faking statistics it saps the budget for providing the true service.

    I had no problems in getting a doctor (very pleasant Scottish gentleman) or a vet, but a dentist was a real problem.

    The doctor is a real laugh.................he looked at the single entry on my "brown card" and said "you don't go and see your doctor very often?".................to which I replied "he doesn't know what to write on it when I go fix his computer system"

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    I've don't have an NHS dentist anymore. I've never had many dental problems so my dentist told me not to come back for 18 months. You get delisted after 15. Cheers.

    There were two surgeries but one of those has closed. There is a private dentist about 5 miles away, no idea if he is any good or not. Need to save some pennies before I go.

    Work collegue also has no NHS dentist, she moved and has never gotton on the list in her new area.

    No trouble getting a doctor but you don't get delisted for not going to a doc. I'm at my GP maybe once every 3 years on average. And thats only becasue I had to get a cyst cut out of my spine 2 years ago.

    The NHS is trying to consolidate services here, so lots of individual treatment centres are being centralised. Fine if you live near to a large city but bloody awful if you don't. I'm lucky in that one of these centres is 20 miles away (but has a bad rep for cleanliness).

    GF of a friend is a recently qualified nurse in that hospital and she is ready to quit after less than a year. They're so understaffed she literally has no time to go to the toilet or eat during her shift.

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    Hi MLF

    I am with you on all of it, I didn't ask for this election, and it sucks that we have to go to the polls in January, and they wander why voter turnout is so low in this Country???

    Oh the gas $0.989 here in Halifax.... Excise Tax is .1000 (10 cents) provincial Fuel Tax is 0.1550 (15 1/2 cents) so for $0.989 you back out the HST/GST at 1.15 = .86 Cents per litre, take off the taxes .2550 = leaves .6100 this is what the companies make per litre and right now the cost for the Oil companies is at .5140 Per litre, so their margin is almost .10 cents per litre, the overall taxes charged including HST/GST = .3840 which is less then half of the $0.989 so the part the Gov't really likes is the HST/GST...I am not defending them in any way, but I think both are to blame for the high costs of Gas (collusion).

    The Hospital issue is starting to have an effect down here as 4 Surgery room Nurses just jumped ship and got hired on at a private clinic, so now the Hospital has to delay already delayed surgeries to find replacements, there will be two tier medical issues in this Country before long.

    As for Income Tax, this tax was supposedly to be dropped after the war, as it was instigated to offset the costs of the War. But as with every politician who has fed at the trough, it will never be dropped, just like the HST/GST, this is easy money for the politicians, how else can they so proudly boast surpluses each year, and yet our services are all underfunded, as well they can throw my money at Quebec (we are still paying for the 76 Olympics)ref Sponsorship Scandal.The EI fund is way over funded, yet there has never been any adjustments to help out the Unemployed (increased benefits etc).

    On the Military I will differ with you, as long as we have troops in harms way, they had better have the equipment to do thier jobs and to protect them, no amount of my taxes is enough to ensure they all come home alive.............(they can find welfare monies for the illigal immigrants living in Toronto which in some cases are Muslims or are related to Somalian Warlords, yet they allow our troops to drive around in a crappy vehicle... illitis jeep, which would lose a head on with a Mini Miner)

    The other problem is the underhanded way they increase taxes through "fees", instead of raising the vehicle registration via a certain percentage they will add a new fee to obtaining it, say $29.99 to have the privilage of walking in and having a silly servant talk to you. Also the Medical people are quick to add fees for services I always thought were covered by our plans, if you notice recently most Medical Plans like Blue Cross are increasing the premiums and at the same time cutting what is covered and what is being reduced, such as "generic" drugs as opposed to name brands...

    Dental care, each year they drop the eligibility age, their reasoning of course is that Dental Health is so much better nowadays, so just when your child is in most need of Dental they drop the age at which the Province will cover it, SOL......

    I just had my Taxes reassesed for the 2002-2003 years because the company I work for had an audit done this summer, and lo and behold,because the company did not declare RRSP income on our T4's we got dinged, and the Gov't expects me to pay the interest for those 2 years, by Dec 28,....Bah Humbug..........they will get it when I am good and ready to give it to them, I have been paying taxes for over 30yrs, steady, so they can cut me some slack right, no they will come after me for every penny, but yet they allow the idiots like the Bronfmans to send their money offshore so they can avoid their share of taxes, or K.C. Iriving, or spend over a Billion on a stupid Firearms registry.............ack phhhtt....it's enough to make you cry or vote for the Mary Jane party, they could do no worse right??
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    morganlefay: our hospitals are just as bad south of the boarder. Then add to that trying to fight with your insurance company to get them to pay, and fighting with your doctor to get recomandations to a specialist (my wife needed to see a nurologist, her general practicianer didn't beleive that migrains actualy exist so he refused...luckly the ER didn't she was haveing microstrokes...the HMO wanted to call them "bad headachs" and only approve perscription strength tylonal)

    Health care sucks just as much down here we just pay a hell of a lot more. I bet if we where to compare pay cheacks, our take home would be about the same...yours gose to taxes, mine goes to taxes, health crare, retierment care...ect ect. and our private companies do as bad a job if not worse then your goverment. At least there the yhave t oanswer a bit t oteh people here its all about the bottem line. Sure you may not get propmt care, but here HMO's have been known to string people along with paper work hopeing that they die before the treatment comes through
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    ive lived in a few major cites here in the US and ive never seen a dirty hospital. not in the past couple of decades anyway. there are a few here in the area of NJ where i am now and all of them are emaculate...its the people that work there that'll kill ya. they have the attitude as if their doing you a favor. i have a friend in the VA home (formally know as the old soldiers home) in Oradell NJ (also immaculate) who came close to cashing in because a nurse left a guaze pad in a bed sore after cleaning it. he was in critical condition for a couple of months. he has no use of his legs and a doctor wanted to cut one of his legs off because it was always in the way.
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    Originally posted here by bballad
    her general practicianer didn't beleive that migrains actualy exist so he refused
    That is definitely worth a visit to an attorney. Denial of the existence of migrains is not in the "community of treatment" and can get your GP a malpractice suit. All you have to do is show the research on JAMA and the jury will award.

    The worst hospitals I've been in on the US side have been Veteran's Administration hospitals. Even some of the worst nursing homes are better.

    Not all HMOs are bad. I pay extra for the one I have and am glad for it. I have a great D.O. and get all the help I need. It paid off best for wife the last couple years (two hip replacements that she is way too young for).

    Dental coverage sucks, though. It just SUCKS ROCKS!

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    Well the corruption knows no geographic boundaries. Our taxes, regardless of your country, are being sequandered away by thieves and groups that believe we can no longer make decisions for ourselves. And the absolulte worst are politicians, U.S. doctors, lawyers, and the like.

    That reminds me of story I heard about two men in a boat. One was a carpenter and the other a lawyer. Anyway they were out fishing one day and their motor konked out. Since they weren't very fair from shore, they drew straws to see who would swim and get help. The lawyer lost and started swimming to shore. When he was almost to the beach, he was met by a great white shark. After a short discussion, the lawyer continued on his way and the shark went and attacked the boat and ate the carpenter. When the lawyer made it to the beach, onlookers were present and inquired about his conversation with the shark. The attorney simply explain that after he told the shark that he was a lawyer, the shark responded: "As a professional courtesy, I'll go eat that poor slob over there."

    Anyway, government is way too big and has too much power. We no longer can control the machine. Until it self-destructs, we will just have to set back and watch the idiots screw up over and over again.

    Vote you say? I do and have for a multitude of years. However it's as worthless as **** on a boar. Big business elects the politicians not the people. In fact the world as we know is controlled only by a few exceedingly wealthy individuals. They control the wars, the markets, everything! We are the little people the pawns in their chess game.


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