Hacker Barbie (from a variety of sources, rewritten and edited)

Mattel announced today their new line of Barbie products, the "Hacker Barbie," designed to reverse the stereotype that women are numerophobic, computer-illiterate, and academically challenged.

This new line of Barbie dolls comes equipped with Barbie's very own X-Terminal and Unix documentation as well as several Sun and Intel-based servers on an ethernet network. The Hacker Barbie's wardrobe consists of a dirty button-up shirt and a pair of worn-out jeans, and her accessories include a Casio all-purpose watch and thick glasses (pocket-protectors optional). The new Barbie's vocabulary consists mainly of technical terms such as "IP address," "TCP/IP," "kernel," "NP-complete," and "HTML tags."

"We are very excited about this product," said John Olson, Marketing Executive, "and we hope that the Hacker Barbie will offset the damage incurred by the Mathophobic Barbie." A few years ago, Mattel released Barbie dolls that said, "Math is hard," with condescending companion Ken. The Hacker Barbie's Ken is an incompetent consultant who frequently asks Barbie for help.

Says one happy customer about the new Barbies, "My niece can't get enough of Hacker Barbie's Dream Basement Apartment! The pink Sun workstation in the corner, the little containers of takeout Szechuan scattered across the floor, her 'Don't Blame Me, I Voted Libertarian' T-shirt -- it's on every little girl's Xmas list!

"To me, the most realistic thing is how if you put her in the chair in front of the monitor, she'll stare at it for hours without blinking or taking her hands off the keyboard."

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