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Thread: Best cert path

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    Best cert path

    I know this has probably been asked before but I wanted some opinions on my specific situation. I searched through some other threads about certs but wasn't able to find the info I needed. Here's my situation. I have a BS in Information Systems specifically MIS. I am very interested in pursuing a job as sys/network admin or even better finding a job in the security field. I've been putting resumes out like crazy and have come to the conclusion that I need certs if I don't have experience to at least get an interview for these jobs I'm applying for.

    To make a long story short I have decided to go back to a 2 year technical school to pursue certifications. There are 2 tracts (Computer Network Administration or Information Systems Security). These are Associate degrees but they are supposed to prepare you for several certs. The ISS option is very interesting to me but I'm not so sure about it because it seems you have to be in the business for years as a network admin before switching to security to even be considered for a job is this true? If that's the case then I would rather take the computer network administration option and after landing a job work on the security side. So my question is which route is more feasible for somone in my situation? ISS appeals more to me but I don't want to get the degree and certs and not be able to find a job because entry level jobs in this field are rare. Here are the certs with each option.

    Computer Network Administration-- A+, Net+, CNA, MCP, MCSA, MCSE, CCNA

    Information Systems Security-- A+, Net+, MCP, MCSA, CNA, SCNP, SCNA (MCSE if I stayed and extra quarter)

    I have been trying to find out if the SCNP and SCNA are good security certs but I'm not finding out a whole lot about them other than they are vendor neutral. That has kind of got me nervous about going the ISS route. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Personally, I'm planning to get A+ certified first, then move on to MCSE, and figure it out from there. That seems to be a good start.

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    My ultimate goal (which I'm going for starting next year once finances are up) is my CISSP.
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    Comp TIA A+ and N+ are just fillers for a resume'

    but take 'em anyway

    do 'em while you are working, that way the company 'might' help in the financial side, and they are providing the necessary experience too .......

    I say work, you might have to start at the bottom, but that's life, serve your time, pay your dues yatta yatta

    in a couple of years everything will be different anyway:

    apart from being older and more experienced
    you will have possibly seen / worked in an area that you didn't know anything about, that really appeals, and all this will be just a memory .........

    luck to you
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    Thanks for the help and advice. I think I will go the ISS route at this point. Anyone heard anything about the SCNA or SCNP?

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