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Thread: Microsoft to be fined $2.4M a day ...

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    Microsoft to be fined $2.4M a day ...

    Slashdot reported and interesting article today concerning a huge fine hanging over the head of Microsoft,
    due to its inresposiveness to open up Windows and provide better documentation for other vendors to increase the overall interoperability.

    Well its all in the article ... Its imo interesting to follow-up ...


    The direct article via BBC ...


    ***EDIT*** Repaired BBC link.

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    Also I'd like to add another link..

    Microsoft was also ordered "to disclose complete and accurate interface documentation which would allow non-Microsoft work group servers to achieve full interoperability with Windows PCs and servers".
    This would make the ldap interconnections between linux/unix and windows lans a lot better..
    So I'm all in for it..
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    I hope they open up the exchange connector too, so you can work directly against instead of via the ximian-exchange-connector module, which IMO doesn't always work perfectly ....

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