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Thread: Top 10 Weirdest Case Mods

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    Top 10 Weirdest Case Mods

    Hey Hey,

    Found this on my wanderings this morning in an attempt to cure my boredom.

    Check it out... My favourite is the WMD


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    I remember looking at a modding comp results a while back and a few that i didn't see on this list but that i tfeel should be up there are as follows.

    There was one built in a fish tank. The modder had gotten his hands on some completly clear non conductive oil and filled that tnak with it so it actually looked like it was in a tank.

    Then there was one that someone had built inside a hand carved Lament Configuration, for all those who don't know what that is go rent hellraiser . . . all of them . . . . right now.

    Then the best one i saw at that comp was a mini-fridge pc. As it sounds it was a pc built inside a mini fridge with beverages still on the door.

    I am going to spend some time looking for the pics and see if i can't post them since its better than my descriptions but its been a while since i read about it so I'm not sure that i can find them again.
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    why not the spider one, or the Tie Fighter? Both of those were more over the top then the "wall crawler" one. Still they had some interesting ones in that list. I like the machining done on the WMD one.

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