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Thread: Is NOD32 the best av.there is at this moment?

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    Originally posted here by .:front2back:.
    Man with the sale pitch you just did, you should be on there payroll.
    i m getting tired about this selling bullshit!!!!!
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    Originally posted here by HotSpot
    i m getting tired about this selling b*******!!!!!
    HotSpot, the point the other members are making is that your posts sound a lot like a sales pitch or presentation. I get the impression from some of them, and from your comments, that you aren't trying to pitch the product. Don't sweat's just your manner of communication. It could very easily be a dialect issue; many members on this site do not speak English as their first or primary language, and most of us recognize that intent and message can be distorted in translation. Or even when all parties DO speak the same language, regions and countries have different words, phrases, and styles of using that language.

    Basically, don't sweat it; I don't think anyone is complaining really.
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