Is NOD32 the best av.there is at this moment?

The first time i heared about NOD32 was when i downloaded the new version of the freeware hitmanpro antispywaresoftware(
When Hitmanpro started NOD32(trial version) i saw a speed i ve never seen before!
This was the moment when i started thinking of saying goodbye to Norton.
After installing hitmanpro on a friends pc and seeing NOD32 catch some new unknown virus and several spyware(think it was something like pretty boops.exe and some others)i desided to read a bit more about NOD32.

What i found while reading was:Real-time protection against viruses, spyware, adware, and identity theft.
NOD32 offers the best detection, fastest performance, and smallest footprint available,Unprecedented heuristic analysis And more!

Key Features Include


For trial

Update info

So after reading all this info i desided it was time to buy NOD32.

At this moment,i think this is the best AV you can buy!

Any of you guys and gals also use NOD32?(sorry for any typos)