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Thread: When does it stops mattering ??

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    When does it stops mattering ??


    I was thinking about the advancements in the technology for both the hardware and the OS.

    With the enhancements in the technology we are surely reaching a stage where beyond a certain level the work of the processor can be same however large the clock speed may be. At some point the processing and final output will depend on the input and output speed of the peripherals.

    I want to ask that what will be the speed of processing after which the output generation of a process is governed by the hardware performance.

    Have we reached such a state.

    Is such a state possible. If yes/no why ?
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    The way that I see it is that hardware is somewhat ahead of software at the cutting edge. You also have to take economic considerations into account? people and organisations expect their investments to have some durability, and not to have to change technology too rapidly.

    At the end of the day the limit will be the human element IMO, as we can only comprehend at a certain speed and operate the input/output devices far more slowly.

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    The way that I see it is that hardware is somewhat ahead of software at the cutting edge.
    I couldn't agree with you more nihil. IMHO, technology will be following this trend for a while. This is because software developers don't usually create complexed software that needs to be run on an extremely powerful computer because most of the world is still running on pentium 2's and 3's... So if they aim for software that can be run on "average" systems, they make more money...

    So, I think hardware will be ahead of software for a long time...
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